Ayurveda Shirodara in Reno

Sometimes We Simply need to Get Away From It All

Shirodara, Ayurveda Massage, Relaxation, Stress Release, Relaxing, Calming, Nurturing, Massage

     Today’s modern fast-paced world can become simply exhausting to keep up with the pace. Coupled with stress, time deadlines, responsibilities, excessive mental stimulation, emotional distress or excessive working hours all these stressors can wreak havoc with our health and wellbeing.  We know undigested, unassimilated life’s experiences weaken our immune system which may, in turn, cause a variety of various negative physical, emotional and mental health conditions such as hypertension, auto-immune disorders, depression, anxiety etc.  Vacations are far and few in between while our body seeks desperately the time and opportunity to reach a state of psychological, emotional and physical equilibrium.  

For The Love Of Your Sacred Body

Ayurveda Massage, Shirodara, relaxation, rejuvenation, calming,

Ayurveda Shirodara Bliss

Ayurveda, Shirodara, Abhyangam Massage with hot stones

  Ayurveda Bliss : Ayurveda Shirodara Bliss rooted in an ancient traditional Indian Ayurvedic Treatment is scientifically formulated to help pacify the nervous system while assisting the body experience a profound sense of deep relaxation as well as helping to provide relief from acute pain, tension and stiffness, while nourishing muscles, rebuilding connective tissues, improving blood circulation and strengthening the nervous system.  Imported from India, the Tri-doshic herbal oils and herbs used are specific for your treatment.  Ayurveda Bliss includes an Abhyangam Indian Massage with Warm River Stones and Tri-doshic Herbal Oil, Marma Point Therapy, Herbal Steam Bath and a Shirodara therapy  (warm pouring Herbal Oil over the forehead to help pacify the nervous system while also providing nourishment for scalp and hair)       

180 minutes of Relaxation, Recalibration, Rejuvenation, Restoration and Rebalance

Ayurveda Steam Bath with Ayurveda herbal formula massage

  Abhyanga Warm River Stone Massage - Ultimate Stress Reducing Luxurious Full Body Indian Massage with warm river stones and panchakarma clinic special herbal infused oil, formulated to pacify the nervous system.   

 Marma Point Therapy – The aiding, releasing and encouraging improved direction of your subtle energy channels by directing pressure on the energy gateways of the body.    

Ayurveda Herbal Steam Bath - Steam and penetrating herbs aid in the release of toxins from the skin, reducing any, body stiffness, aches, pains and swelling as well as aiding elimination of unhealthy fat congestion from beneath the skin.     

Shirodhara – Calming and Nourishing  Warm herbal oil pours over the forehead in a continuous stream creating a vibration, assisting the micronutrients of the specially formulated oil penetrate the skin, deeply nourishing the scalp while soothing the nervous system relaxing body and mind.    

Shirodara can assist the following conditions: PTSD, Jet Lag, Insomnia, Shift Work Sleep Disorder and Hypertension

Optional Kitchari (freshly prepared Ayurvedic dish of rice and Mung Beans with ghee and herbs) and Herbal Tea concludes your treatment.     

Shirodara in Reno, Stress Reduction in Reno 

Accepting reservations now - Gift Certificates Available

Shirodara, Ayurveda, Massage Therapy, Relaxing, Therapy, Stress Release


Rate for the 3 Hour -  Ayurveda Bliss treatment INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL RATE $320.00 

(Regular rate $395.00) 

    Considering the time required for the treatment and the relaxed state of mind.  Appointments are confirmed with payment.

 Gift Certificate purchase available now.

  Accepting Reservations now.    Available Appointment times for Ayurveda Bliss Therapy:   9:30 am Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Wednesday 2:00 pm.   

PLEASE NOTE:  It is highly recommended to schedule the appointment on a day you know you will have little to no work or responsibilities.   It is also suggested to eat only plant based meals the day before and day of the treatment and to arrive for the treatment very well hydrated wearing comfortable cotton clothing.   


 Cancellation Policy - Please Note:  At least no less than 72 hour notice of cancellation required.   50% refund given for cancellations for notice of cancellation or rescheduling 70 hours or less prior to scheduled appointment time.  No refunds for canceling your appointment 46 hours or less prior to scheduled appointment time.  Appointment cancellation must be confirmed with me.  Please do understand I block 4 hours of my time for your treatment.